Calling all MWBE staffing firms!

Diversity Direct is rapidly growing!

In anticipation of our next few Clients coming fully on board, we are seeking small, diverse, MWBE owned staffing firms. We are specifically looking for firms in the following areas or firms that service the following industries. The Diversity Direct program is an extensive and scalable M/WBE network that connects clients to diversity suppliers. Please contact for more information.

Nationwide Staffing:

Nurses (LVN, RNA)

Engineering / Heavy Industrial / IT

Admin / Light Industrial:

Columbus, OH


New York, NY

San Antonio, TX

O’Fallon, MO

Urbandale, IA

Morristown, TN

Herndon, VA


Huntsville, AL

Cedar Rapids, IA

New York


Atlanta, GA

Dallas, TX



Diversity Direct is a unique and innovative supplier network that utilizes the services of M/WBE suppliers with opportunities to provide human capital solutions to our Global 1000 clients.

The advantages of joining our Network are:

• Direct Access to Global 1000 Clients’ Requisitions

Zero Cost to Suppliers

• Access to our Portal for Efficient Workflow Management

• Pro-Active Mentoring Program

• Real–Time Updates and Timely Feedback on Your Submittals

Diversity Direct recognizes and is committed to the importance of supplier diversity in all aspects of business. We will ensure Diversity suppliers are provided all of the opportunities to meet our clients’ diversity spend goals. We are confident that you will be interested in becoming a supplier of our Diversity Direct network.

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Diversity Direct has made our 500th Placement!

Diversity Direct has reached a significant milestone – and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Founded in late 2009, Diversity Direct is an extensive and scalable M/WBE network that connects small and diverse staffing firms who may not have the insurances, or the industry track record to work and contract directly with large Fortune 1000 clients . Diversity Direct was created to bridge that gap. Using this delivery model, and a large network of small, diverse, and minority owned suppliers we have successfully made our 500th placement!

Looking back at the early days of Diversity Direct, it is easy to see why this is such a huge accomplishment! In the beginning, with a staff of 2 – we were using excel spreadsheets to track placements, and only utilizing the services of a few diversity partners. Today, we have our proprietary web-enabled technology platform, Diversity Connect, and a large, powerful inclusive network of partners nationwide!

Together, Diversity Direct and our valued partners have reached the milestone of placing 500 workers on assignment.! This would not have been possible without our hard-working, diligent partners. Many of our partners work late into the night, and on weekends to submit qualified resumes to Diversity Direct. We appreciate your support!

On behalf of Diversity Direct, we would like to thank our partners and our clients for your continued support of Supplier Diversity, Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Outreach .

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The Power of Small Business is the Power of Change

The power of small business is the power of change. Adding a small business to a community changes the dynamic of the community – jobs are created, hope is restored, the economy begins to improve, and crime rates lower– all due to the opening of a small business.
When a small business opens shop in a community, jobs are undoubtedly created. From those jobs countless people begin to feel something they may have been lacking for years – hope. New jobs create hope – as many are able to feed, clothe, and shelter their families. People begin to dream again, and have something to look forward to. That hope spreads throughout the community and to the children of the community. They begin to see and feel the positive repercussions of the hard work of their parents.
At Diversity Direct, a patent pending human resources solution, we partner with small, diverse partners in economically disadvantaged communities. We bring them clients they may have been ineligible to work with alone, and funnel the diversity spend of large companies into smaller communities. Through those small companies, comes change in the community – which is the ultimate power of the small business.

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Diversity Direct has launched a newsletter: Diversity Matters!

We are proud to present the inaugural issue of our newsletter, Diversity Matters!

Please let us know what you think!

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Diversity Direct now on YouTube!

We are pleased to announce Diversity Direct is now on YouTube!

Our first video features a short overview of the Diversity Direct solution. Check it out & tell us what you think!

If you would like to learn more about Diversity Direct –
please visit or contact

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Supplier Diversity in America – By John Campellone

I was taking a walk the other day around the neighborhood and I noticed how diverse the community really is here in Tampa, FL. That thought then led me to thinking about America as a whole and how we have progressed and made some really positive changes. Those changes ultimately impacted me and you, by having such a variety of restaurants to choose from, experiencing different views of opinion, seeing how different cultures use clothes, jewelry, and their homes to express themselves. None of this could have occurred without the participation of so many diverse groups of people, cultures, and backgrounds.

Then it really hit me that this may be one of the strongest cases for supplier diversity! Being fortunate enough to live in America and automatically having access to such a wealth of information, history, trends, culture, behaviors, etc. is rather powerful. And, I will take the liberty of making a leap into the business world, that diverse suppliers, like our diverse communities, bring that exact same power to Corporate America. Each and every diverse supplier brings something unique, looks at a problem and might solve it differently than another, opens a door and a window into a sub-culture, reveals positive performance that would have been assumed differently without an opportunity to perform, and just a myriad of other values that every corporation should seek.

If we had to put a value on the collective wealth of information, trends, and all the different views diverse suppliers bring to the table, it would be quite significant, and yet, all the corporation has to do is allow the opportunities to flow freely to diverse suppliers and in return get all this for free.

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Legal services for small business owners!

A good friend of ours at Diversity Direct, Steven Kyriazes has offered his legal services at a discounted rate to our Diversity Direct Network. The best way to support the expansion of small business – is to use services from small businesses like yourselves!

Steven is a small business owner, and understands the difficulty of owning, operating, and funding a small business – even before the ever skyrocketing price of legal fees! Because of this, he is offering his services and goodwill to our network. Please feel free to reach out to him at

We have opened up our blog to allow Steve to share some of his core capabilities:

Business owners in today’s economy are faced with many difficult decisions every day just to keep their business going, such as : “Should I add employees?”, “Do I need to let go of some employees?”, “How do I properly discipline employees or change the benefits I offer to them?, “What amounts to discrimination or harassment?”, “How do I properly investigate employee charges of discrimination or harassment”, “Should I have an employee handbook and, if so, what should it include?”, “Should I have my employees sign written employment agreements?”, “Should I include covenants not to compete?”, “Are the workers that assist me employees or independent contractors?”, “Should I expand my business by buying another business?”, “Should I sell my business or sell a stake in my business to other investors?” and “Am I handling risk management the right way?”

The “A to Z Business Representation” available at Steven C. Kyriazes, P.C., can help you with all of these questions and more. Steve can assist you in forming a new business as a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or LLC and can help you plan for some of the tax and other consequences of doing business in those forms. Steve received his Master of Laws in Taxation degree in 1989 to add to his Juris Doctor degree and to provide him with the educational basis to assist business owners with business formation, compliance issues (like, compliance with the American’s With Disabilities Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, Civil Rights Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and similar federal and state laws and regulations), training of staff in all these areas, wage and hour disputes, employee charges of discrimination or harassment, and “merger and acquisition” matters involved in the acquisition, sale or merger of businesses.

Additionally, Steve is offering the following services to Diversity Direct Partners:
1. Business Formation and Transactions:
a. Incorporation or formation of Corporations, LLC’s and Partnerships
b. Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures of businesses
c. Contract drafting and negotiation
2. Employment Law, including:
a. Compliance with requirements of FLSA, ADA, FMLA, ADEA and HIPAA
b. Compliance with COBRA
c. Training of staff on compliance; sexual harassment investigation procedures
d. Defense of EEOC discrimination and harassment complaints
3. State Unemployment Insurance (“SUI”) compliance and disputes
4. Drafting / Negotiation of office leases and subleases

For a skilled business attorney in Arlington Heights, Chicago and the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, call Steve at (847) 788-1500 or e-mail him at

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