Today we salute you, Diverse Supplier

What is it like to be a small and/or diverse supplier in today’s economy?  More specifically, what is it like for a staffing firm with such credentials?

Many clients, public and private, are now making a more serious effort to engage small/diverse suppliers for a myriad of reasons.  Some clients want to hedge the risk of their supplier base by including a number of smaller suppliers.  Other clients are more focused on the message that is sent by intentionally engaging small/diverse suppliers.

But, for you it comes down to your community and the people that make up that community.  Doing business with a client that is simply interested in adding a diverse supplier without strategically thinking about your firm and how you fit into the supplier mix is a common misstep.

What you have to offer is an intimate connection with the human capital that surrounds your small business.  Your firm has a unique connection with the laborers within your community.  This means that your firm is in the best position to effectively and efficiently locate the right talent for your clients in this area.

Small/diverse staffing companies such as yourself also tend to have fewer employees, with more of a vested interested in making the company successful.  You have an intimate and dedicated staff that will do everything possible to find the right talent and provide the personalized customer service that benefits both your consultants and your client.

Your small company is more flexible, working varying hours and easily making adjustments to meet the changing needs of your client.  A small firm is more apt to prescreening consultants onsite and to building a steady pipeline of qualified consultants.  Before long your firm molds to the client that you service, becoming more and more efficient over time.

Many of the clients seeking to engage more and more diverse suppliers preach the (by now) old adage “think globally, act locally.”  With a community-based firm, your clients gain a local pipeline of talent and a dedicated supplier who is committed to customer service.

(Not actually part of the Bud Light Real Men of Genius Series)


About Diversity Direct

The Diversity Direct program is an extensive and scalable minority / women owned network that connects clients to diversity suppliers. Our network gives clients the best resources across multiple skill-set disciplines, in all diversity classifications and in all industry segments.
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