Big Spenders on Supplier Diversity

Please check out our newest infographic, Big Spenders on Supplier Diversity. These are some of the companies that dedicate a high percentage, resulting in billions of dollars, to women and minority owned companies. Each year these companies are making it their mission to dedicate more of their budget to diverse suppliers and we are very appreciative of their efforts.

(click to enlarge)

Bear in mind that total spend is only one indicator of supplier diversity success. It is important companies make sure their total spend is being dispersed among many small suppliers, especially in the communities that need to be helped financially. Here are some questions companies should be asking about their supplier diversity program:

– How many suppliers are we supporting?
– Which communities are we developing?
– What commodities/services are we spending our budget on?

Here is a good article from “Spend Matters” that addresses this issue: Diverse Mediocrity? Supplier Diversity Programs Fail to Deliver, Showing Disappointing Homogeneity


About Diversity Direct

The Diversity Direct program is an extensive and scalable minority / women owned network that connects clients to diversity suppliers. Our network gives clients the best resources across multiple skill-set disciplines, in all diversity classifications and in all industry segments.
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4 Responses to Big Spenders on Supplier Diversity

  1. Fran says:

    Hi There, This was a thought provoking piece, thank you. Do you have any posts or knowledge about this subject from a global perspective? Is the desire to diversify the suppier pool shared in the UK for instance?

    • Hi Fran, that is an excellent question. There are many people online that focus on supplier diversity from a global perspective, for example, @SAIBL on Twitter from seems to be an expert on supplier diversity in South Africa. These people probably have better answers than I could give you. I have also asked the members of our LinkedIn group ( if they have any resources they could share with you.

      I will do some digging and see if I can find anything for you as well!

      — edited Dec. 29, 2010 —

      I just got a response from one of our group members who has spoken with his management team over in Europe. that I thought would be helpful:

      Does being a diversity supplier make a difference or give an advantage across the pond? What I have heard back was a resounding NO. All decisions are made based on service and cost, No bias due to ethnicity or gender.

      The UK seems to be the most favorable market for a diversity supplier incentive, but there is not official government support or incentive. Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Eastern Bloc countries do not have any governmental incentive or policy to incent for a diversity spend program.

  2. What is considered to be a “small” supplier in gaining Supplier Diversity contracts?

    • Thanks for the follow-up question Becky. Most corporations would consider “small” to be any business that is under 22 million in annual revenue. However, at Diversity-Direct, we strive to work with very small businesses, at the community-level, as this is where we see and feel the biggest impact. It is our goal to work with Small and diverse firms in the 1-10 million in revenue and help them grow their business and balace their portfolio of revenue across many customers.

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