Supplier Diversity in America – By John Campellone

I was taking a walk the other day around the neighborhood and I noticed how diverse the community really is here in Tampa, FL. That thought then led me to thinking about America as a whole and how we have progressed and made some really positive changes. Those changes ultimately impacted me and you, by having such a variety of restaurants to choose from, experiencing different views of opinion, seeing how different cultures use clothes, jewelry, and their homes to express themselves. None of this could have occurred without the participation of so many diverse groups of people, cultures, and backgrounds.

Then it really hit me that this may be one of the strongest cases for supplier diversity! Being fortunate enough to live in America and automatically having access to such a wealth of information, history, trends, culture, behaviors, etc. is rather powerful. And, I will take the liberty of making a leap into the business world, that diverse suppliers, like our diverse communities, bring that exact same power to Corporate America. Each and every diverse supplier brings something unique, looks at a problem and might solve it differently than another, opens a door and a window into a sub-culture, reveals positive performance that would have been assumed differently without an opportunity to perform, and just a myriad of other values that every corporation should seek.

If we had to put a value on the collective wealth of information, trends, and all the different views diverse suppliers bring to the table, it would be quite significant, and yet, all the corporation has to do is allow the opportunities to flow freely to diverse suppliers and in return get all this for free.


About Diversity Direct

The Diversity Direct program is an extensive and scalable minority / women owned network that connects clients to diversity suppliers. Our network gives clients the best resources across multiple skill-set disciplines, in all diversity classifications and in all industry segments.
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