The Power of Small Business is the Power of Change

The power of small business is the power of change. Adding a small business to a community changes the dynamic of the community – jobs are created, hope is restored, the economy begins to improve, and crime rates lower– all due to the opening of a small business.
When a small business opens shop in a community, jobs are undoubtedly created. From those jobs countless people begin to feel something they may have been lacking for years – hope. New jobs create hope – as many are able to feed, clothe, and shelter their families. People begin to dream again, and have something to look forward to. That hope spreads throughout the community and to the children of the community. They begin to see and feel the positive repercussions of the hard work of their parents.
At Diversity Direct, a patent pending human resources solution, we partner with small, diverse partners in economically disadvantaged communities. We bring them clients they may have been ineligible to work with alone, and funnel the diversity spend of large companies into smaller communities. Through those small companies, comes change in the community – which is the ultimate power of the small business.


About Diversity Direct

The Diversity Direct program is an extensive and scalable minority / women owned network that connects clients to diversity suppliers. Our network gives clients the best resources across multiple skill-set disciplines, in all diversity classifications and in all industry segments.
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